Our History

“Everything originates from here, from this earth … from the sweat of brow, from heavy rain and the blinding sun…”

In the quarry scenario, the Bianchi family embraces the entrepreneurial adventure with a clear idea: To give a soul to the cold body of the stone… The brand Stonemotion was born out of the idea of combining the best of what our land can offer: The best companies of territory transformation and processing are at the service of design, creativity and typical Italian taste, with their technology. And then IT, the real protagonist of this story, the Pure Apricena stone, the noble materials Fiorito, Bronzetto, Serpeggiante and Biancone are offered in many disparate architectural and stylistic concepts to present to our customers a unique emotional experience.
Stonemotion embraces the creative and innovative philosophy, originated from the experience of Bianchi Marble Srl., an expert company in the extraction and marketing of Apricena Stone, bringing a line of unique products of its kind, décor elements for both indoor and outdoor environments suitable for any housing solution, into life.
The warmth of our flame, the lucid madness of the line Pietra Viva collection, the pure and the minimal design of the line Opuntia objects and the geometric visions of our wall texture make our creations perfect to match the style of your home: romantic, casual, minimalist, chic. The hi-tech, full control of all stages of the production process, completely Made in Italy, likewise the constant attention to the details and the search for new solutions make up the mission which Stonemotion tries to achieve day by day.

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